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Welcome to the Free wish Wiki

Hey everyone decide to make my own Wikia. Hope you all enjoy it. As the name says it. Free wish wiki is about opening your mind. Writing stories of your own. Create new ideas and share. Don't be scared to take a leap. Fan fictions are welcome. Just don't go to crazy. Unless it's with mud or pies then have fun. Sorry about the last part he he ENJOY!!!

Also a link to my profile if you need to talk or wanna see other wikia i go to.

Describe your topic

Well my topic is well writing. Opening my mind to the world. Ok that sounds a little scary. Well i like to think of different animes and about their worlds. You never know what you will find. Hope you enjoy the Wikia.

What is Free Wish Wiki?

So you want to know what this Wiki is about. Well it's more or less a Story Wiki that has stories based of a manga or few (that other people thought up not me) or just thought up stories (made by me). Anyways as long as your nice you can stay but if your disrespectful to someone three times then your out. Kindness goes along ways a lot more then hatefulness.

This wiki is more or less different books/TV shows/ Manga, Things other people wrote made thought up what not. I get no money writing what so ever. Thank you ever so much for stopping by. Also please don't mind spelling and errors I try the best I can.

Just want to put this again, This wikia is a Fandom of different stories be them in the form of, TV shows, Manga, books and games. I don't own any of them just picking at them. I do however own any poems, and random stories i think of from those awesome writers who brought their work to life. Any pictures that haven't been drawn or are Chibi or taken by a phone are not mine either. they also belong to their respectful owners. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.

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